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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:23

Tak Hospital of the Bride Jewelry

Tak Hospital of the Bride Jewelry
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MedicalPark Hospital in intensive care Gaziantep Candy and President Leblebici rooms and Gaziantep Health and Education Foundation ( gasem ) President Sattar KIRATLI's wife Blessing Kıratlı , the bride and groom the special permission of the team of doctors could not attend the wedding's grandson put in the hospital.

Gaziantep news:
bride groom Serdar Kıratlı Zeliha joy they share the happy day came with the grandmother to grandfather Sattar Kıratlı accompanied Madicalpark hospital .
Gaziantep Candy and Leblebiciler Chamber President and Gaziantep Health and Education Foundation ( gasear ) President soulful said Sattar Kıratlı moment said:
\"My granddaughter Serdar KIRATLI to see before you die mürüvvet all who desire my wife Blessing KIRATLI this desire to get it right medicakpark hospital was breaking doctor of . even for a moment , although in intensive care , though they grace us to deliver this happy moment . the Serdar Therefore, the bride , our groom grandchildren Zeliha lived with my wife this happy day . Let the happy and fortunate in God both. \"
Blessing Kıratlı point and inserting the jewelry groom hospital staff and Kıratlı family emotional moments .

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