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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:16

Syrian discussed the Education of Children Subject

Syrian discussed the Education of Children Subject
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Provisional Government of the Syrian Ministry of Education Basic Education General Manager Khanj of Azzam , \"especially the latest circular of the Ministry of Education in Turkey within the scope of Syrian students have had the chance to enter Turkish schools ,\"he said .

Gaziantep news:
Syrian Khanjian , indicating that the education of children to turn their meaning in a large step has been taken , \"the Ministry of Education, we welcome the Syrian interest that showed children about the education of appreciation. in particular , especially the Ministry of Education and Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of National Education within for students who have not been in school one of the main reasons for this meeting to ensure that the schooling of Syrians to go to school , \"he said .
Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of National Education by Syrian students'education Azzam Khanjian in a statement at the consultation meeting held in the context of meeting their needs ,\"Turkey is most especially the Ministry of Education has been directed to the education of students Syrian scope latest circular . this circular Syrian students was to have the chance to enter the Turkish schools. and the transition was to have permitted the opening of training centers . in particular, the Turkish schools in their later working out in the afternoon enabled to Syrian students to education. Buddha was created in the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Education control. Especially in the sense of orientation training Syrian street children in this process was a major step was taken . According to AFAD data about 300 thousand in Turkey , Gaziantep is located about 40 thousand Syrian children . Close to 1 million in Syria, Syrian students receive training in the areas liberated in particular . Much as we can we try to bring them assistance , \"he said . In his opening speech
Meeting Gaziantep Provincial Education Director Celalat you Ekinci, \"Our country, geography, this man-made structure on the opening lap of the oppressed walks to the future Taking really have this value. We have a serious problem in the middle of a problem. In addition to our geography of smoke rising in our own part in a wide range . People are disappearing along with the history of humanity . Unfortunately, this problem does not seem recently to be resolved. Because it will solve those who hold power do not want to solve it. They want him to continue with this problem. Those most harmed as a result of this problem , unfortunately, children. Can not reveal their will , which can not form their own future , children who can not protect themselves . Our city and also within our borders in a very intense way our children are the victims in this way. Syrians have children. How do we get our children. How can we get guarantee the future of our children. This is how we can prepare our children for the future that it's wrong to blame is on us . For a long time there was a shortage of partners in solving this problem point . Subject education, but the Ministry of Education regulations, resolutions , circulars on our own geography within our own borders was about our own students . Guests had a team of students work and related legislation only in this way about our children have difficulties coming to our country as a result of an intense wave of migration . Now this is addressed circular recently published work was given to the Directorate of Education in the province of this work , therefore, also the coordinator of the Ministry of Education. We've gotten gladly accepted this role, \"he explained .


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