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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 22:55

Sare Davutoglu Open Girls'Dormitory in Gaziantep

Sare Davutoglu Open Girls'Dormitory in Gaziantep
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Women victimized by war meat'and the Prime Minister from Gaziantep to join the panel in order to make some visits his wife Sare Davutoglu Ahmet Davutoglu , who Eruslu in Bülbülza built by Mustafa Eruslu inaugurated the Girls'Dormitory.

Gaziantep news: Photo Sahinbey Güneykent district located in the neighborhood of 160 people who attended the girls'dormitory opening Sare Davutoglu, in his speech here , he stressed that the happiest thing that the investments made in the field of education . Foundation in Bülbülza , do Congratulating the service Sare Davutoglu, said:Photo \"I'm here for work related to the war victims were female , but only a war , I am delighted to have the opportunity to share and I see such beauty. Truly the most we can leave the world have been left in good investment education works. opening of me the most pleasing thing educational institutions. especially today to be there at the opening of Eruslu Girls Dormitory huge satisfaction supply for me. I hope that stays here university students consciousness that they receive at the education they received here when leaving will continue to increase both their services to the world to Turkey , I hope . I congratulate Foundation in Bülbülza . \"The Chairman of the Foundation in Bülbülza speaking at a Photo Opening Turgay Aldemar darkness of such works left before he died in the world , he said a light oil . Aldemar , \"the work of the foundation that you see behind me , Mustafa was brought to our city by Eruslu . 160 student capacity of a sorority . We all will be gone from life. Behind the malt properties given to us of God on behalf of future generations in the name of humanity , into a work leave something out information if we they will remain and will keep us alive then dead. that's studies began to multiply like a candle burned into the darkness all over our country. \"Photo Girl who has the Dormitory businessman Mustafa Uslu , Ihlas News Agency said in a statement to reporters, to education themselves be among the first priority , he added . ERUSLU, said:Photo \"Gaziantep growing and thriving city . We have about 2 million 300 thousand people with Syrian guests live here. Training Our first priority . There are four universities in Gaziantep. Our City , where reading our youth housing needs and other to meet social needs we've considered ourselves an officer and priorities have made such a dormitory to accommodate our girls . now in our country 165 one college student for our younger daughter residing. walking distance to come in to go to college. \"girl , accompanied by prayers and then the Photo Talk cut the opening ribbon of the dorm . Opening Sare Davutoğlu , as well as parliamentarians, mayors, chairmen of chambers , NGO representatives, and citizens were invited to participate .


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