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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:04

Modagaziantep'Sectoral Foreign Trade Company \"received the title of

Modagaziantep'Sectoral Foreign Trade Company \
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Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce ( GTO)'Joint Export and Brand Project'under and knitwear , garments, garment industry which was established in 12 firms venture operating Modagaziantep Clothing Trade Joint Stock Company'Sectoral Foreign Trade Company \"took the title.

Gaziantep news: Photo Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce meeting room Job Bartik , press the presidency and 12 partner firm participation meeting was held . Photo made ​​the opening speech of the meeting, Chairman of GTO Job Bartik received'Sectoral Foreign Trade Company'title was in Gaziantep knitwear , garments, apparel sector's opening to overseas markets in a professional manner and to the development of the industry has said it will make a great contribution . Photo Bartik stated that they achieved a first in Turkey , \"We partner when we started working , we have projects such as brand and company mergers. the first of these We have laid the foundation , and we are in the happiness of doing so. October 28 as of knitwear and we have applied for the garment industry'We have received Sectoral Foreign Trade Company'title. this is a first in Turkey. a company partnered Because a Chamber of Commerce is on the agenda for the first time . We are strong our Chamber of Commerce we put it all out to get a security sensitivities . \"Stating efforts were made to increase the room Photo Export Job Bartik , \"was attached to the national income of 10 thousand dollars in Turkey. We need to increase it. We may also increase exports going to do it. We always speak of exports , we need to export high value-added products . We can not create in it a kind of brand . We have prepared our infrastructure to dispose of all kinds relating to perform the first foundation of a brand Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce. We have established our partner company .'Sectoral Foreign Trade Company We acquired our title . After a very fair with a lot of publicity involved in will be Modagaziantep Inc. in a lot of exhibit space , \"he said . Bartik who said they would introduce a Photo Modagaziantep a brand under the name of the world , \"buy any brand in our future projects Modagaziantep a We will introduce to the world under the brand name . We have an office in Erbil. We will give any contribution to enable the export of Modagaziantep the product with our Erbil office , \"he said . Photo Moscow, Serbia and fashion the center of the so-called is that they plan to attend a trade fair in Italy, emphasizing the Bartik ,\"These Gaziantep to a different place I would like to thank my committee members taşıyacaktır.yönet . Because unconditionally we bring such an idea to the management and all board members of our backs , \"he said. Photo'Sectoral Foreign Trade Company'What is it? Photo oriented foreign trade new and is a modern organizational model Sectoral Foreign Trade Companies (SDS ) , an organization that united under the same production area of SMEs in order to export, so the company was founded to provide the opening to world markets abroad.

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