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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:19

Members of the foot , Nizip Container City Toured

Members of the foot , Nizip Container City Toured
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Women and Democracy Association ( KADEM ) members of Syrian refugees living in Nizip Container toured the city .

Gaziantep news: Photo 3 day program within the member KADEM from Gaziantep , located in Gaziantep Nizip Nizip Container investigations found wandering the city . AFAD received information from Atakan Manager Sinan Yilmaz Sare KADEM President and members of the association , located in the container town and toured the Syrian social facilities and the training hall used by asylum seekers. Container KADEM members visiting a few houses in the city , refugee families were distributing gifts . Photo Container transferring their impressions of the city KADEM President Saree Yilmaz, a large proportion of about 4 load ongoing war years in Syria Noting that on the Republic of Turkey , experienced that they want to draw attention to the problem. \"Women and Democracy Association as 3 , we organized a daily schedule Gaziantep province . We organized a panel on yesterday that women are the victims of war ,\"said Yilmaz , spoke as follows:Photo \"These programs actually both national and international public opinion that we want for the victim in the war that lived was to attract their attention. Because there is a war that lasted 4 years. 4 years, the burden of this war have been put on the shoulders of the Republic of Turkey case . after our panel program , we visited the camp today. Nizip we kampınd . approximately 13 thousand people a camp inhabited in. until the health of social life , language we are a place where to meet the needs all up to embroidery sewing classes from training . you do not see the victim when you enter through the door . you can see it here have a life. you see children in the streets. \"Photo Container cities in terms of how well it will take the place of whatever country of asylum pointing Yilmaz,\"how good is your sağlasa conditions in place is not a home for them. We believe that civil society associations as a big responsibility in this regard . In this sense the tragedy experienced by creating public awareness needs to be created . We believe these programs as we fulfill our duty as an association of such associations . The obvious need to introduce the world to the fact that concrete , \"he said.

Members of the foot , Nizip Container City Toured" comments for.


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