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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:01

International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Gauner

International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Gauner
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Gaziantep University ( GAIN ) , organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts 1st International Stone Sculpture Symposium workshops began in GAIN Biology parkland.

Gaziantep news: Photo 12 different countries speaking at the opening of the international symposium attended by 25 artists Gaziantep University Rector Dr. Yavuz Coskun, \"Art is the foot sine qua non of civilization. No art of civilization is impossible , unthinkable .\"The savings we bring the well being and the depths of history in all aspects of Photo Art , emphasizing that we have to move into the future , Prof. Dr. Coskun, said that only enough of the other developments in the economic development and social fields. Professor Dr. Coskun, \"our civilization and the arts is essential to be permanent what we were doing . After complete in Yesemek where this framework, the world's first open-air sculpture workshop to make such an event in Gaziantep makes sense to separate . This is very instructive of the first sculpture studio work that I believe and in the end I hope the university to our 12 units to be successful in this workshop which will be work , saying, \"hit the marble first tractor to be used in the workshop. the GAA stated that the recognition by Yesemek's Photo Gaziantep Fine Arts Dean Assist. Assoc. Dr. Ayhan Ozer, \"Yes to a have hosted sculpture since the second millennium BC place . Many civilizations have used this the outdoor museum with workshops used which is now a museum for different purposes and Gaziantep with artists inspired . We again Gaziantep behalf'sculpture Hometown Meets saying, \"we decided to make a go of this organization the way. thousands of years of sculpture formed in the process tool is beautiful and aesthetic marble are the materials difficult to process at least as much ,\"he said . Ozer describes the purpose of making a Photo Workshops in front of everyone's eyes , the marble specifying how to show that processing in a challenging process , many such symposia which have successfully represented our country Izmir Fine Art employee existing Stubby's as a sculptor in the Directorate 1. thanked for their support in organizing the International Stone Sculpture Symposium . the opening of the Photo Symposium ; Gaziantep University Rector Dr. Yavuz Coskun, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Göğüş , Prof. Dr. Türkay Dereli and Prof. Dr. Cahill Bağcı , General Secretary of the GAA Ercan Eroglu , attended by a large number of students , academic and administrative staff.


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