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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:31

In Gauner \"Archiving the Turkish World Music Conference\"Edited

In Gauner \
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Gaziantep University (GAIN ) by the academic community of Turkish World Research , administrative staff and students for \"Archiving of Turkish World Music \"conference was held .

Gaziantep news: Photo Dean of the Faculty of Engineering conference held at the Conference Hall , Hungarian Turcologist janoss Sipos and Karadeniz Technical University Turkish World Research Institute Director Prof. Dr. Kemal joined as the third speaker .
\"Archiving of Turkish World Music \"Speaking at the inaugural conference of the Society of Turkish World Research Associate Academic Advisor . Dr. Hilmi Bayraktar , the Turkish World Research political will bring together the Turkish world, their primary goal as a community , to create a cultural and cultural backgrounds and the Turkish masses , he said it was to close to each other. Assoc explaining that
Turkish nationalism stems from Hungary of the first studies . Dr. Bayraktar, said that for the first time in the Turcology Institute founded in Hungary . Bayraktar, \"19th Century Looking at the Hungarian relations 2. Abdul Hamid correspondence only community use the fellow I phrase only once in the literature are also Hungarian . Hungarian respectful extremely Despite 2 by Abdul Hamid being from different religions as religion and humble are met in a way ,\"he said . < br/> stating that the Black Sea called small library books to the libraries of less than 1 million in the World Technical University Turkish world Research Institute Director Prof. Dr. Third Kemal , said that 12 million of the total number of books considering all universities in Turkey. Photo by Prof. Dr. Third , \"is classified in UNESCO's data-Turkish dialects, according to along with the languages ​​of the world are faced with approximately a language and culture that speaks most of the world sixth . Turkey is a nation founded civilization in history. China, India , Mesopotamia , the Caucasus, Anatolia, such as all this music in geography, we're involved with culture . we have synthesized and created a new civilization , \"he said . indicating that the observed changes by region and type of Photo Turkey Hungarian Turcologist janoss Sipos , \"folk music of living Tahtacis Taurus Mountains are a single parent form resists ; in religious repertoire can be found in many different musical forms . Nevertheless overview of Anatolian folk music is not hopeless , saying, \"Anatolia lament , Azeri game air Turkmen air , providing examples of Kyrgyz shepherds tunes stressed the importance of comparative analysis of the Turkish folk music . Photo Sipos , \"during the long history of Turkish culture and language itself to countless people and these people are benimsettiriy them okutturuy cultures and peoples . At the same time enriching the culture of the peoples of Turkey have preserved some elements of the old culture. This is a major victory in the ancient and modern Turkey , \"he said . At the end of
Conference Hungarian Turcologist janoss Sipos and Karadeniz Technical University Turkish World Research Institute Director Prof. Dr. Kemal's Vice-Chancellor GAA who introduced the third gift of Prof. Dr. Cahit he expressed his pleasure to participate in the conference vigneron .


In Gauner \"Archiving the Turkish World Music Conference\"Edited" comments for.


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