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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:49

Great Leader Atatürk we commemorate with respect

Great Leader Atatürk we commemorate with respect
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The founder of the Republic of Turkey, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , enter eternity Sanko University and 76 years in private Sani was commemorated with a ceremony in Konukoglu Hospital.

Gaziantep news: Photo ceremony, the position in respect to the great leader and his comrades in arms and began with the National Anthem read. Photo Sanko University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Can Polat Eyigün , in his speech at the ceremony, the \"Great Leader was among us physically split for 76 years. But the ideas and works forever will stand \"he began . Which produced the science of
University , taught and stated that it places administered by Prof. Dr. Eyigün , said:Photo''s mind around here , can not be anything other than positive logic and science , should not be. Indeed, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in an aphorism'is the true lodestar of science to life for success for everything in the world is science . Science and seek guidance outside the scientific thoughtlessness , ignorance , will çıkmışlı the right path. Alone we live in science and technology and to understand the development of the stage in every minute and condition monitoring progress'he said.''Photo Atatürk's''My most precious heritage is science and reason'words reminds , we emphasized that left the legacy of science to Prof. Dr. Eyigün , he said the only way to go to embrace science with this heritage. Photo by Prof. Dr. After Eyigün speech , Sanko University School of Medicine in accordance with the terms of Cemal Yildiz day students \"Atatürk and Science \"theme gave a speech . Photo Halim Yağcıoğlu the'Atatürk from the last write'read a poem by Sanko University Health Science Faculty students from Narcissus after the ceremony Iron , Ataturk and ended with the video on November 10 th.
the ceremony , Sanko University and Special Sani Konukoglu from Hospital academics and practitioners with administrative staff and the students also attended.

Great Leader Atatürk we commemorate with respect" comments for.


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