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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:40

Gamep to Turkey from the sample project

Gamep to Turkey from the sample project
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Gaziantep Media Platform Association ( GAMEP ) , Sadettin set of budgets as sister school of 100 students were studying in primary school before the winter coats and shoes help .

Gaziantep news: Photo GAMEP added a new one to its social responsibility projects. GAMEP before winter financial situation worse with 100 students Sadettin of budgets has made the coats and shoes help a ceremony held at the Primary School. Speaking at a Photo Ceremony GAMEP Chairman Nazmi Özkoyuncu of help made ​​this year, 100 students said they plan to make students ride next year . Social responsibility should be especially education related projects are always voicing care Nazmi Özkoyuncu , Gaziantep field of education in more emphasized that it will continue to work as GAMEP to come out on top . Photo Özkoyuncu providing information about GAMEP beginning of his speech , the project is not only to Gaziantep he stated they want to be an example to Turkey. Photo Özkoyuncu , \"the GAMEP , Gaziantep has about 250 members who work in public in more than 60 media organizations is Turkey's largest media platform. together with our member board of directors on behalf of contribution to education for a long time is'what can we do', we say it works. then'sister school'the first of our projects in the projects our contributions to education field , I hope we planned to spend most of life. this project is not only to Gaziantep, we hope to be an example to Turkey , \"he said .
training topics especially voicing care GAMEP Özkoyuncu the Chairman , said:
\"We are known to be engaged to follow the news agenda in the community as members of the media . Today the subject , being a pioneer , especially for carrying out a project on the organization of the training we wanted to express our very great pleasure to hear . Today 100 students within the educational contributions we started with a'sister school'our organization completely , especially civil society organizations to continue to increase in the coming years , in association with our Provincial our Training Department have stated that we will form a crucial bridge . Within this business , there is media in the dough. What we do is a student group of 100 people. What did we do ? Sugar, flour, water , and we've put together create a candy. So businessmen , industrialists , helpful , bureaucrat our've put into this. We have always taken off when a very nice job with it. \"Photo Common wisdom movement Özkoyuncu Referring to the importance of keeping , description continued:Photo \"Civil society organizations, charitable , industrialists , our citizens , all of them calling here. Just do not call Gaziantep , we call Turkey. We say you a'sister school to'get it . Example guarantee of our future our project holding the hands of thousands of our children to Turkey will be able to bring to a position. \"Photo 100 students with projects starting next year thousand students Özkoyuncu promising will be included in the \"Here we are doing here today, 100 students in the Association of Gaziantep Media Platform for next year we here at least 10 schools and thousands of students to remove the word and gospel , \"he said. Photo made ​​assistance ceremony spoke Gaziantep Deputy Governor Cemalettin Ozdemir , Sehitkamil Governor Ali Dursun, Sehitkamil Fadıloğlu Ridvan Mayor and Sehitkamil District Education Director Mehmet Oiler ; GAMEP Chairman thanked Özkoyuncu Nazmi and pledged support to the work to be done in the field of education.


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