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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:18

Citizens Response to Power Failure

Citizens Response to Power Failure
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Gaziantep Selahattin Ayyubid claiming that citizens living in the neighborhood of a broken electrical appliances due to power outages experienced reacted to TEDAŞ.

Gaziantep news: Photo Evening citizens who claim that electricity is continually going up, so that a failure of the electrical appliances used at home and in the neighborhood authorities have stated that there should be a solution. For that touch each other during the night sparking electrical cables that they tried to separate from each other with branches and with wood plucked from the trees by officials from representing neighborhood residents, these revolutions have said such things also happened. Living in Photo neighborhood and deductions, claiming that because the refrigerator fails Mehmet Aytaç \"We live in Gaziantep Salahaddin Ayyubi neighborhood. for two months we draw this energy shortage . the fridge and television houses you see now burned. Opposite the house is a refrigerator, television , washing machine burned. We are taking all this disgrace . I called bimer , Gaziantep called the Governor's Office , Metropolitan Municipality failed to find any resort I called . we want to make our voices heard to the authorities . Please let them hear our voices . headman also have opinions but they do not do anything , \"he said . the Photo Ibrahim Karaoğlan , Salahaddin Ayyubi that power cuts in the evenings in the neighborhood and wanted to find a solution . < br/> Mehmet Stopped in the neighborhood grocery store , \"I bakkalıy this neighborhood . Jove much electricity is cut off . All materials burned because of a power outage . Our closet was broken. We do not know what to do. Every day, electricity is cut off , \"he said .
Cables are touching each other and that said return to the battlefield mess Abdullah named Coach residents, \"such as electrical cables in each evening at 7 pm there will be war here are touching each other . Our electricity is cut off throwing fire. Over the last three months, we do not eat our meals in the bright hot meal . We no longer tired . Wires touch each other attribute he also \"expressed his reaction saying .


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